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easyJet holidays trials first holidays on debut easyJet Ibiza flight ahead of summer re-start

The first easyJet flight has landed in Ibiza from the UK since travel restrictions were in place and then lifted.

The aircraft brought members of the easyJet team and their friends and family as trial customers to see first-hand how holidays will operate in this new environment before the official flights and holidays programme begins.

Ibiza is set to be one of the most popular destinations for easyJet and easyJet holidays’ customers this summer, along with the other Balearic Islands and Mainland Spain, following news of travel restrictions being lifted by the UK government. The island can therefore be considered the perfect ‘trial and test’ destination. The move is also a chance to demonstrate a commitment to the region and a successful partnership with the Ibizan tourism industry.

A new range of additional measures will be in place on flights to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of all customers and crew onboard. With so many families travelling over the peak summer easyJet has also teamed up with a superhero illustrator to create comic book inspired face mask covers for children flying this summer to help ease the experience for both kids and parents. Irish artist Will Sliney, best known for his work on Marvel comics Spider-Man and Star Wars, has created a range of new comic book inspired face mask covers for young easyJet flyers.

To help support and prepare customers for what to expect on holiday in these times, easyJet holidays has created a customer video and provided detailed information pages on its website – a Covid-19 response and a safety and wellbeing centre. The decision to start its holidays programme at the beginning of August allows the company to finalise plans to ensure customers can enjoy a safe and responsible holiday. At the same time easyJet has announced it will resume flying to almost three quarters of its route network by August.

Dean Thomas, Head of Customer Experience, easyJet holidays said: “This is a really important moment for us – it’s great to be able to set foot in Ibiza and see how holidays are going to operate and how well prepared the destinations and hotels are for our customers’ imminent arrivals. We’re trialling the full holiday experience including the flight, the transfer and the accommodation which is the final step of our extensive preparations to ensure our customers can enjoy their summer holidays safely and responsibly.”

Susana Juan Baras, CEO Invisa Hoteles, commented: “At Invisa Hoteles we’re very excited about the start of the season this July, as Ibiza’s tourist season just isn’t the same without its largest market: the British. We would like to thank all the parties involved, easyJet holidays and the Island Council of Ibiza, for their efforts in organising this inaugural flight and for counting on Invisa Hotels. We hope this initiative will encourage our guests to trust our Island for another season, as they have done all these years. Welcome, everyone.”

Alejandro Sancho Ferrer, President of Fomento del Turismo de la isla de Ibiza, said: “From Fomento del Turismo de la isla de Ibiza we see the resumption of flights with the British market, our first market, as very important, and for this reason we want to thank easyJet holidays for its efforts to advance its operations in Ibiza. Thank you for supporting our destiny!”

Vicent Marí, President of Consell de Ibiza, has shown his support to this summer re-start of easyJet and easyJet holidays.

“It’s so important for us to receive this kind of news that means that Ibiza is still being a preferred destination for the British market, and it also means that we are ready to receive families and customers from the UK with all the secure measures in aircrafts, the same security measures that hotels and other services will have in Ibiza,” he said.