Taking you forward and skyward

Lufthansa Group now uses 100% green electricity in its home markets

Since the beginning of the year, the Lufthansa Group has exclusively been purchasing green electricity in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

To this end, Lufthansa has acquired green power certificates, which guarantee the production of green electricity from new power plants, thus contributing to the expansion of renewable energy.

As further measures, the Group aims to reach CO2-neutral mobility on the ground in its home markets by 2030. Among other things, the company is investing in the expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, thus supporting its employees to travel to work in an environmentally friendly manner. Managers who lease a purely electric vehicle will receive an increased mobility allowance.

The Lufthansa Group also focuses on energy efficiency and resource conservation when planning, renovating and constructing buildings. A beacon in the low-energy concept is the Lufthansa Aviation Center at Frankfurt Airport: in 2009 it was one of the first low-energy buildings in Germany and has since then maintained the “Green Building” award.

The Lufthansa Group’s environmental strategy remains focused on sustainably increasing the ecological efficiency in flight operations, in particular by investing billions in modern and low-emission aircraft.