Taking you forward and skyward

SAS welcomes the first A350 and reveals unique features

The first of eight Airbus A350s has officially entered SAS’ fleet and from the 28th of January 2020 travellers will be able to experience the world’s most modern and fuel-efficient long-haul aircraft.

Showcasing innovative technologies and design, it offers a new and more sustainable way of traveling long haul, to and from Scandinavia.

Travelers can look forward to even more comfortable flights, including a cabin with new seat models and unique, customised SAS solutions. The new aircraft is composed of the latest aerodynamic design and technology meaning unrivalled levels of operational efficiency.

“The A350 is a milestone in the extensive renewal of the SAS fleet which will consist of the market’s most advanced and fuel-efficient aircraft. With this aircraft we reduce the fuel consumption compared with the aircraft it replaces, which means reduced carbon emissions by up to 30%. Also, the external noise footprint will be reduced by 40%. Along with the new livery, the A350 is a symbol of a more sustainable and competitive future for SAS,” said Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO, SAS.

SAS designers and engineers have looked at all elements of the aircraft and designed an interior to match and enhance the high comfort level, while also minimising weight and thereby reducing carbon emissions. Several of SAS’ features are based on important feedback from our customers.

“The aircraft is one of our biggest investments, enabling us to provide an outstanding travel experience. We look forward to welcoming our passengers on board this state-of the-art aircraft,” said Rickard Gustafson.

On each flight, a total of 300 travellers and crew can look forward to a cabin environment with the quietest double-aisle cabin, an optimised cabin altitude, with more fresh air, and advanced control of temperature and humidity.

The first A350, Ingegerd Viking, will enter long-haul service on the 28th of January. It will be based at the SAS hub at Copenhagen Airport and will operate on seven routes during the first year, including Chicago, Beijing, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and San Francisco.

In total, as a part the modernisation of the short and long-haul fleet, SAS will take delivery of new Airbus A320neo, Airbus A330 Enhanced, Airbus A350, and Airbus A321LR aircraft before the end of 2023.